October 7, 2018

New York ComicCon 2018 - Day 3

I decided to bring my lights only one day this year, on Saturday. Lighting without a background at the Javits Center can be troublesome, because the walls where we set up are a reflective corrugated metal. I set up a Godox AD200 with magsphere and mag grid camera left, and an AD200 with a grid and bellows on camera right, to keep any stray light from reflecting off of this background. Combined with a high shutter speed to remove any ambient light, this seemed to work pretty well.

Matthew Durnin as Captain America:

Captain America

The amazing Scarlet SpyderQueen as the Winter Soldier I moved the AD200 on camera right to use as a hair light .

The Winter Soldier

I had to do double- triple- and quadruple-takes when I first met Babs Butcher dressed as The Wasp. She does amazing work with her makeup, and looks so much like Evangeline Lilly.

The Wasp

I have too many to post here, so please click here to check out my full album of images

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