October 17, 2015

New York Comic Con

I can't believe it's already been a week since NYCC 2015 ended. Once again, it was the fastest four days of the year.

It was a weekend of great panels, cosplayers, and good old-fashioned geeky fun...

The Hulkbuster This 9.5 foot tall Hulk Buster costume created by Thomas DePtrillo of Extreme Costumes was the highlight of NYCC.
Smooth as Silk Aristagirl Cosplay brought this great Silk cosplay to NYCC.
New York Comic Con - Mark Daniel Mark Daniel was a great lead in to the panels on the Main Stage...
New York Comic Con - McThor Presenting Ronald McThor, one of the most original cosplays ever.
Scarlet Spider Gwen Armenian Amazon brought a great Scarlet Spider Gwen to life

Elvira - Mistress Of The Dark One day she's Wonder Woman. She's Elvira the next, and Princess Leia the day after. This is all the work of the amazing Queen Helene.