August 19, 2015

Connecticut ComiConn

While I thought Lisa Phalstaf as Ghost Rider was the best Cosplay of the weekend at Connecticut ComiConn, she was hardly the only outstanding cosplayer. There were so many amazing cosplayers at Mohegan Sun this past weekend.

Saraphina Cosplay portrays Queen Mera from Aquaman New 52, DC Comics.

Queen Mera - Connecticut ComiConn

You can see more of Saraphina on her facebook page at:

Even KISS made an appearance:

KISS - Connecticut ComiConn

That maniacal laughter echoing through the halls of the convention center? Yeah, it was the Joker

The Joker has a really big gun..

The Joker wasn't the only one of Batman's foes to show up on the scene - this Penguin was an inspired cosplay:

The Penguin - Connecticut ComiConn

Doctor Who? We had a few....

Dr. Who - Connecticut ComiConn

Doctor Who - Connecticut ComiConn

Absorbing Man and She-Hulk made for a fetching couple:

Absorbing Man - Connecticut ComiConn She-Hulk - Connecticut ComiConn

Even more are in my album on Flickr.

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