July 7, 2013

One Lens - Two Fireworks Nights - 12 Years Apart

It's funny how things work out sometimes. Originally, this post was going to mainly showcase shots from Fireworks Night at Citi Field this past week, but then I came across this:

Fireworks Night at Shea Stadium - July 4, 2001

I shot this on July 4, 2001 with my Nikon N90s, using Fuji Velvia. One other thing caught my eye: Shot with the Nikkor 28-105mm f/3.5-4.5D.

As someone who has gone through his share of lenses, this spoke volumes about the quality of this lens. I bought the 28-105 back when I first purchased the N90s back in 1996. It was regulated to the closet when I migrated to digital, because the focal length didn't translate well to the cropped sensor. I used it from time to time, mainly for its excellent macro functionality.

Since I have moved to the full frame D600, I have pulled the venerable 28-105 out of semi-retirement, and the images I have gotten with this 17 year old lens are incredible.

Case in point: this past Wednesday night, shooting the fireworks, now over Citi Field, 12 years later:

New York Mets Fireworks Night at Citi Field

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