April 17, 2011

Salem Witch Museum

Salem Witch Museum

We went to visit one last college on my daughter's college tour - Montserrat College of Art. Since we had a little time to kill the day before, we took a quick visit to Salem,

This is the Salem Witch Museum - which retells the story of the Salem Witch Trials

From the museum web site:
"She afflicts me! She comes to me at night and torments me!
She's a witch!"

Words such as these struck terror into the hearts of Salem townspeople in the early spring of 1692 as hysterical young girls called out names.

By summer, 180 people had been accused and imprisoned - defenseless against accusations of witchcraft in a society driven by superstition and fear. The court, formed to try the victims, acted quickly. Bridget Bishop was tried on June 2 and hanged on June 10 thereby setting the precedent for a summer of executions.

The Salem Witch Museum brings you there, back to Salem 1692. Visitors are given a dramatic history lesson using stage sets with life-size figures, lighting and a narration - an overview of the Witch Trials of 1692.

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