June 27, 2010

Field Of Dreams

132/365 Shea Stadium Panoramic

(ok, so - Shea Stadium is my field of dreams. Got a problem with that?)

I just finished watching Field Of Dreams, a movie that I have always absolutely loved. Why didn't I enjoy it as much this time? Was it the fact that they couldn't even get Shoeless Joe Jackson to bat the right way? Or the obvious political bent of the movie? Maybe it was some of the contrived dialog - Did any one really say, "far out" in the 80's?

Maybe it's me. Maybe it's the way I look at baseball now - the fact that this game is mainly played by mercenaries who no longer care about the common fan. Players who are so economically removed from reality that they have completely lost touch with the rest of us.

Maybe it's the fact that I still mourn for my field of dreams that was ripped away from me and all of the other fans who called it home.

Either way, I can see that I don't look at baseball the same way anymore - maybe I'm finally growing up, or maybe I'm just getting cynical. Only time will tell.

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