December 14, 2009

Do Not Try This At home...

The View From The Top Of Splash Mountain

Thanks to Brittany's Pop Warner Cheer Squad, we spent a week in Disney World for the Pop Warner National Championship. The Milford Pee Wees came in 4th, which is a great accomplishment, especially considering this was their first time competing on a national level.

The last day we were there, Ashley and I went on Splash Mountain - The view of Cinderella's Castle and Space Mountain was amazing from the top of the last drop. This made the sometimes functional gears in my head turn, thinking that I have to get this shot...

With Ashley already questioning my sanity, we set out one last time on the ride - we got the front seats in our car, I put the trusty 50mm f/1.8, on my D90, and practiced where I was going to tuck the camera at the last minute to keep it from getting soaked.

At the top, I squeezed off three quick shots, and quickly tucked my camera under the front of the car just as we went hurtling down towards getting soaked. Amazingly, I got the shot - my camera survived without even a drop. Now, I just need better weather, and blue skies - maybe next year ;-)

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