July 1, 2009

The Remedy.

Huntington Park

I no longer hate baseball. Watching what has happened to the Mets and their seeming inability to stay healthy and or win has killed the joy of watching the sport I love more than any other.

Or, at least I thought it did.

Warming up In the bullpen

Last night, I visited Huntington Park in Columbus to watch the Columbus Clippers play the Durham Bulls, and I had a ball. It was fun to just sit back and watch two teams just play, and not have a vested interest in who won. It was so relaxing being with a crowd that was just interested in having fun, and not at all interested in denigrating overpaid millionaire athletes.

Watching the game from the street...

Huntington Park is everything CitiField should be - in the middle of a revitalized downtown area - wide open concourses - amazing ribs down the left field line (last night was buck a bone night) there are holes in the outfield fence, so people on the street could even watch... Did I mention the great ribs?

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