October 27, 2012

Golden Gate Bridge

A few years ago, I went out to San Francisco to attend AdobeMax with a few of my co-workers.

On the last night there, they went out to dinner at the local Ruth's Chris steakhouse. I went to bed early, because I wanted to get up before dawn, and head out to see the Golden Gate Bridge, which I had never seen...

It was one of the most peaceful mornings I ever had. Wandering down the path in Golden Gate park, lit only by the flashlight app of my ipod, I made my way down to the edge of the water. It was such a peaceful experience - no one else around, the temperature was a little cool but very comfortable.

Then I heard footsteps coming - a group of joggers ran by. All friendly. All waving hello. A strange sight for this east coaster.

Later that morning, I met up back in the hotel lobby with my coworkers so we could head out to the airport to go home. One of my office mates started teasing me about the great, juicy steak he had, and that I really missed out (on a great meal on the company dime, of course)...

I showed him this image, and simply replied - there are Ruth's Chris steakhouses all over the country, there's even one on the Berlin Tpke. There's only ONE of THESE, and he was the one who missed out..

Golden Gate Bridge

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